For more than 23 years since 1989, TAIWHA has been engaged in the field of civil, structural, and other industrial projects as well as its prime line of business of leasing construction materials (sheet pile, pre-engineered H-beam).

In 2003, TAIWHA formed a new joint-venture company, TAIWHA-INGEROP, whth a French engineering firm. This company has developed into a three-party company (TAIWHA-INGEROP-SEC: TIS) with a French and a japanese firm.

In 2004, TAIWHA was awarded a research contract from The Ministry of Environment of Korea for its High-Efficiency Super-Integrated Sewage Treatment Project. This research project, called "The Eco-Star project", will be jointly performed with a Danish corporation, Waste Water Control Aps, and the Korea Institute of Construction Technology. TAIWHA is designated as the official leading company of this multinational team.

TAIWHA acquired Sang Myung Electric Co., Ltd. of Korea in Jan, 2005,
which has experience in the field of electrical work, and recently TAIWHA also acquired Hong Sung Housing Co., Ltd. of Korea in Jun, 2010.

We are very proud that TAIWHA has successfully developed itself into a company that offers a full range of engineering and construction for
infrastructure, environmental, and power plant projects since its inception as a materials leasing company.

TAIWHA is committed to the improvement of the environment and the
overall living standards of our global community. We will continue to participate in, and support environmentally safe and efficient projects to this end.

I would like to thank all those who worked together and supported TAIWHA in reaching its accomplishments thus far. I consider 2011 to be the year that will witness the commencement of a "New Era" for TAIWHA and look forward to your continued support.